Every 7 Seconds

Web Series - Comedy

Role: Writer/Producer

Writers: Jon Delsnyder, Brooke Fifield

A long-overdue divorce thrusts Joel Donovan into the throes of single life, unleashing twenty years of sexually repressed fantasies. But making these fantasies become a reality isn’t easy when you haven’t flirted with a woman since people were rocking teased hair and G ‘N’ R’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” topped the charts. Joel flees the domestic horrors of the suburbs for a crummy downtown apartment where he finds a job at a local hardware store. It’s here where Joel stumbles into a community of friends, who become like a second family just as he gets a surprise roommate – his otherwise homeless 19-year-old daughter. Despite juggling his roles as father and wannabe playboy bachelor, Joel remains steadfast in his desire to escape the fantasy world he found refuge in, and start living in the real one.

Herman's Hardware - Everything. The Hermano Way.

Cody & Bella's ZooBorns

Web Series - Preschool (Animation & Live Action)

Cody, the sporty and freewheeling Cardinal, and Bella, the young singing Blue bird genius, explore different animal sanctuaries to discover newborn baby animals as they are licked, tickled and loved by their mothers, brothers and sisters. Cody & Bella visit different zoos, aquariums and conservations all over the world in this web series for preschoolers and cute baby animal lovers.