2015 - Short Film - Drama - 15 minutes -

Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Writer/Director/Composer: Ian Foster

Starring: Des Walsh and Features Brad Bonnell, Jennifer Smith and Paul Wilson


When Jack begins to forget, he visits Keystone, an organization with an unlikely mandate: making your most important memories truly ‘unforgettable.’ When Jack begins to recount moments from his life in an interview, he reveals the bond he formed with one particular woman, and the importance he has placed on their story.

Official Selections:

2015 Calgary International Film Festival - Calgary, Alberta WORLD PREMIERE

2015 Indiana Short Film Festival - Danville, Indiana

2016 Milton Film Festival - Milton, Ontario

2016 The Canadian Film Fest - Toronto, Ontario

Film Score: 2016 Scruffy City Music & Film Festival - Knoxville, Tennesse

2016 Vaughan Film Festival - Vaughan, Ontario - Des Walsh nominated as Best Actor

2016 Nickel Film Festival - St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Who Holds You Together?

Pitter Patter Goes Her Heart

2015 - Short Film - Drama & Animation/Live-Action Hybrid - 10 minutes -

Writer/Director: Michael Ciuffini

Producer: Michael Ciuffini , Christina Steele-Nash

Starring: Erin Mick and Timber. Featuring Paul Wilson, Bruce Brenton and Natalia Hennelly


Melody, a young woman with a genetic heart condition, escapes her bleak existence with Alto, her canine confidant. After Melody's heart falters, Alto seeks the help of a Good Samaritan to rescue her.

Official Selections: 2015 Adelaide Kids Film Festival

A Broken Heart Still Beats


2013 - Short Film - Satire - 16 minutes

Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Writer/Director: G. Patrick Condon

Starring: Krystin Pellerin (CBC's Republic of Doyle) & Justin Nurse


Dan and Liz just want a perfect family; and in a world where families are allowed only one child, they want to make sure they get it right. Krystin Pellerin and Justin Nurse star in a satire set in a North America in an era where a one child-per-family law is in effect.

Awards & Honours:

2014 Festival de Cannes: Screened as one of 45 Canadian Short Films in Telefilm Canada's Not Short On Talent program in the Festival Corner.

Best Atlantic Short Film - 2013 Atlantic Film Festival

Official Selections:

2014 Comedy Cluj International Film Festival - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (historical region of Transylvania)

2014 Nickel Film Festival - St. John's, NL, Canada

2013 LA Comedy Festival

Starring Krystin Pellerin & Justin Nurse and SO MANY other wonderful actors. Click HERE if the video above doesn't load for you.

Last Music Man

2011 - Short Documentary - 10 minutes

Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Writer/Director: David Kalinauskas (Kalina Pictures)

Featuring: Dan Burke, Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene) & Hana Gartner (CBC's The Fifth Estate)

Meet Dan Burke - concert promoter, journalist and junkie. Refusing to play by anyone's rules but his own, Dan has made enemies and loyal friends within the Toronto music scene. This is his story.

Official Selection: 2011 Austin Film Festival, 2012 CMW Film Festival, 2016 NSI Online Film Festival

Broadcast: CBC - Canadian Reflections in 2012

Watch the full film now!

The Rink

2011 - Short Dramatic Film - 13 minutes

Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Director: Thelon Oeming

Writer: Jon Delsnyder

Starring: Parker Sweet-Boulay, David Fox, Evan Buliung


In the wake of his mother’s recent death, 12-year old Charlie takes on the household responsibilities. He finds himself being ignored by his father and older brothers. Determined to gain their attention, Charlie sets about teaching himself to play hockey during late night sessions on the family’s outdoor rink. On one cold winter night, Charlie encounters a curious stranger – an elderly neighbour that offers to be his coach. This mysterious teacher instructs Charlie about principles of life and the game.

Awards: Award of Excellence - 2012 Canada International Film Festival

Official Selection: 2012 TIFF Kids Film Festival, 2011 SNOB Film Festival

Distributor: Drama Club Films

Starring Parker Sweet-Boulay as Charlie and David Fox

Watch the full film now!


2011 - Short Dramatic Film - 13 minutes

Director: Viki Posidis

Writer: Thelon Oeming

Producer: Steph Ouaknine

Editor: Michael Ciuffini

Starring: Vladimir Radian, Rayisa Kondracki


Awards: 2011 Jury Choice Award - 2011 Hamilton Film Festival, Best Student Film - Advanced Television & Film - Class of 2011

ATVF 3x3 Films - Sherdian College

2010/2011 - Short Dramatic Films - 3 Actors x 3 Minutes

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Producer: Michael Ciuffini

Director: Brooke Fifield / Writer: Meaghan Carey

Starring: Heather Taws, Evan Thomas Cameron, Alastair Love

Stranded in a bus station, a young city woman battles the small-town elements, and befriends a not-so-innocent local.

Coming Soon

Editor: Michael Ciuffini

Director: Ian McConchie / Writer: Jon Delsnyder / Producer: Alex Keeton

Starring: Jordan Boyes, Alicia Bacile, Tommy King

A glitch between trains to the past and the future leaves one man strandad in a single moment.


2009 - Short Dramatic Film - 5 minutes

Producer/Editor/Actor: Michael Ciuffini

Writer/Actor: Giuliano A Quattrociocchi / Director of Photography: Robert Bava / Composer: John Paul Welsh

Produced for the 2009 Film Racing Grand Prix Competition

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